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SDS NAVIGATION, with its headquarters in Monte di Procida, the province of Naples, reflects fully what is one of the most developed and bearing activities in the country. In fact We have a very deep roots and activity passed on from generation to generation.

Located in one of the cardinal points of the Mediterranean, We work successfully since over thirty years across the Mediterranean Sea, North Europe, West Africa and Black Sea.

With the experience accumulated over the years, working with small-scale units, We have reached an excellent level of management that has allowed the conclusion of transportation contracts in the medium and long term and the purchase of the most recent multipurpose units around 8000 tons which operate in the market of dry cargo bulk of the Mediterranean Sea as main objective. Our fleet of multipurpose vessels is fully available to our customers for complex challenges in the marine transportation field.

In the 2007 We make a further step forward with the signing of the contract for the construction of 2 new vessels of about 8100 tons at the Chinese Shipyards JANGSU YANGZIJANG.The units will be delivered in March and June 2010, and will be added to the existing fleet of ships flying the Italian flag.

We offer you 100% reliability, safety and quality in transporting your freight, 365 days a year, and a highly qualified team at your side.

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